BGC Research


As a college instructor and curriculum designer, I have a growing curiosity about the tools and technologies used by students in and outside of the classroom. As social media platforms continue to have a presence in the day-to-day lives of college students, educators must work to understand the tools their students are using. I am confident there is a space for these platforms in classroom lectures, labs, and other educational settings. Furthermore, I believe that social media platforms can enhance the process of learning and collaboration for students.

I am currently pursuing my Master's of Arts in Communication and Technology through the University of Alberta. My capstone research project is focused on uncovering how college students in Canada are using social media. My first goal is to use my research findings to develop stronger courses and instructional plans in my own work at Conestoga College. A second goal of mine is to travel to South Africa to help female entrepreneurs and teachers to better understand social media, and use these technologies in their classrooms and in their work.  You can learn more about that below.

More to come on this research soon!

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- Becca