“Becca hits the ground running and wastes no time making her mark. Each project she touches is well thought out, flawlessly executed, and delivers.”
— Colleen C, Samsung Electronics
Becca Grieb



“In 2015, when Relic City was first formed, we had the pleasure of being introduced to Becca and her work as a digital brand strategist. Becca came highly recommended to us, and in turn, we would highly recommend Becca. Our initial goal was to hire someone to lead us through the development of a brand strategy and to put Relic City on the social media map in Canada with the ultimate goal of attracting new fans across the country. She worked with the band to determine the brand strategy [and]  in addition to managing our social media platforms and the website, she coaches the band members for interviews and appearances, organizes our merchandise and plans band events. The things we appreciate about Becca – she’s always on the ball, she has a gentle yet proactive manner, she’s right there with us at every step, she’s a steady hand and keeps everyone on task. She knows her stuff and we affectionately call her the “zoo keeper” behind the scenes...”

— Taylor L, Relic City

“Rebecca is the Queen of Social Media and has proven that time and time again with the Sun Life Financial Waterloo Busker Carnival where she raised the social awareness of the carnival in leaps and bounds. She tripled Twitter followers to rank the carnival in the top 3 in Canada and helped realize a 45% increase in hits and 33% increase in unique visitors on the busker website…”

— Stephen y, sun life financial waterloo busker carnival


“She is an expert in her field and a great strategic thinker.”

— Brad W., Mercedes Benz

“It was a pleasure to work with [Becca] on everything including social media, events, website strategies, and social contests. Not only does Becca have an incredible wealth of knowledge about all things social, she was also a fantastic to work with.”

— Lindsay h, service inspired resta


“Becca is very professional, respectful, and thorough — both with her clients and service providers.”

— Daniel F., now creative


“From the first time we connected, I was impressed by Becca Grieb’s poise, professionalism and social media savvy. She has become an integral part of our integrated marketing communications program and teaches and designs courses with great success.”
— –Kim D., Conestoga College
“Thinking of hiring Becca? Do it. She understands how to push the envelope without sacrificing diplomacy and she knows her stuff. A great writer, a hard worker through and through, a class act, and a joy to be around … She excels at social. She knows the decorum, urgency, and standard. If you give her the ball, she’ll run for the touchdown, spike it, dance hard, and high five your father-in-law in the stands.”
— –David B., OpenText